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A new oil cooler has been installed as well as a Catch can closed loop, a Fuel Pressure Regulator, and an Oil cooler Relocator on his SR20DET. We had finalized his set-up with a Mazworx's manifold, PTE 5858 turbo, Tial MVR 44mm Wastegate, and a Top feed injector conversion, fitted with 850cc's.

Custom Roll Cage has been fabricated as well as an external Oil Cooler and Targa roof. 

We've made the fuel cell set-up and freshen-up the rear end.

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Hallowbash | Ste-Croix Riverside Raceway | Project253

'' AJ and I take a 3-hour drive in the Toyota 86 to hang out at sit-Croix riverside raceway for the Halloween bash drift event. held by the DMCC (drift mania Canadian championship) Series. It's an all-out have fun and run till you can't run drift event. It's a lot like Club loose. just an all-out drifters paradise. all day drifts till you've got no more tears. engine. car. just send it.drift all day. Nick brought out the monster Miata, he's building to DMCC spec and looking for competition next season. as a special Treat, We get to see my old sr20 powered living at it again!!!! With a ton of changes. Now driven by Phillipe Lavigne and Running the #86 on the side. He's since swapped the motor and the front end. but still has that roof scoop. to see what this car is really all about you'll have to watch and see. it truly is something special ** check out the setup behind the driver's seat. the trunk space is used for something very special *** there are so many cars and so much to see here it getting pretty crazy and with drivers showing up from all over the drift community and teams like the MTC *Mets ton casque* (put your helmet on) Drift team, you know the party is never going to stop. '' TCPROJECT253

Drifting with Nick | 90hp Miata | Takumi Fujiwara Style

''Take a moment and meet my buddy, Nick. Nick is drifting with a Mazda Miata today, Nick has less than 100hp. Nick is a real driver. be like Nick. drifting day at Napierville with the boys. and some news about the new season of project 253! subscribe now! while it's fresh and new... if you watch these videos and have been following for a while, you know this is the most underrated channel on YouTube! subscribe now and be one of the original followers. thanks for all the love! never lift and stay happy homes!! '' TCPROJECT253

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